Online Booking

For a online booking over our website there is not credit card required and you also do not have to pay any deposits, the paying will be in cash by your arrival.

How it works?

  • 1. Choose the date
  • 2. Select the amound of beds in the calender
  • 3. Check the summary beneath the calender and if it's ok click on the 'next button'

COVID 19: In case you are not able to arrive you can cancel the booking for free at any time. Except for larger groups, there we arrange the conditions in advance! But we kindly ask our guests to inform us as soon as possible – thanks a lot!

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No free private room?

If you would like to have a room private for you and there is no free one in the right size, then you can book a bigger one and leave a comment on the next page that you would like to have the room private for you.

For example, a 4 bedroom as 2 bedroom

The price then would be the same as in a 2 bedroom and you don't have to pay for the empty beds. We will check then if its possible and inform you as soon as possible. In case its not possible you can cancel the booking for free!

If you have any further questions do not hesitate and write us a mail to